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Petite Espresso Mug Splash | Cream

Petite Espresso Mug Splash | Cream


The petite mug is the perfect size for a double espresso, cortado, small cappuccino or a traditional cup of tea

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  • Details

    Holds approximately 8 oz to the rim - 6 oz comfortably

    Measures approximately 3" diameter and 2.5" high.

    The smooth handle is comfortable to hold. The lip is gently angled for a comfortable lip feel without dribbling. There is an indentation under the handle that provides a little extra knuckle room but also is wonderful if you like to hug your mug or are a fidgeter.

    Handmade with a mid-fire stoneware by real humans in Indianapolis, Indiana.

    The Splash glaze is always unique and no two will look quite the same. That's what we love so much about handmade pottery!

    Microwave safe. Dishwasher safe. Lead-free glazes are mixed in-studio so there is complete control over the safety of the ingredients used.

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