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• Material: Red Travertine Stone

• Finish: Raw front, honed back

• Color: Red, Orange Dimension: 5.98"W x 3.5"H x 1.1" THK. (0.98"D hole diameter) • Each piece varies as stone naturally varies in shade, characteristic swirls and veins. 

• Made in Turkey

• Weight: 2.13 lb (0.96 kg)

Dua Candle Holder: Red Travertine

  • This dual candlestick holder is giving mystical desert getaway with colors of the sand and sky during sunset...

    Made from Red Travertine stone, this Dua candle holder is a unique, decorative element that highlights the natural beauty of stone. Keeping the integrity of the stone while featuring the raw and organic nature of the material. A focus on materiality, proportion and a modern approach to minimalism.

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