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Nopalera Flor De Mayo Moisturizing Botanical Bar

Nopalera Flor De Mayo Moisturizing Botanical Bar


• Botanical Lotion Bar with native Mexican prickly pear oil, jasmine oil, and plant solid lotion bar brings warm, deep hydration to body skin

• Adorned goddess tin replaces the use of wasteful plastic


Key Ingredients:

• Prickly Pear Oil - Anti-inflammatory and rich in Vitamins E and K

• Jasmine Oil Evens skin tone and reduces inflammation


To Use:

• With clean and dry hands, remove Botanical Lotion Bar from tin and massage directly onto dry body skin areas in need of moisture, or glide precious oils and butter onto hands

• Return to goddess tin and store in a cool, dry place until next usage. For moisturized skin that



• Made in United States

• Production: Cruelty-free

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