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This is handmade stoneware pedestal bowl is the ultimate thing you didn’t know you needed in the blue speckle glaze.


It makes a beautiful statement wherever it is placed- a wonderful way to display your favorite fruits, or just to enjoy on its own displayed on your shelf.


It is handmade in the Seattle, Washington by The Waight, a small woman-led company.  Courtney Hunter is the owner and ceramicist who incorporates both hand-building and the wheel, allowing her to achieve results that go beyond the boundaries of both. 

'When creating, I place a strong emphasis on form, aiming to design objects that are not only utilitarian but also show the handmade process. I am drawn to matte glazes that are subtle and easy to live with. When I build my pieces, I envision how they will be integrated into the lives of friends, family, and clients. My intention is for each piece to add an understated beauty to the home that can bring appreciation and calm to the routine of everyday life.'

Blue Splatter Pedestal Bowl

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